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Are you looking for a professional house washing service in Brisbane? Look no further than Presha Cleaning.

Presha Cleaning is a family-owned professional house washing and pressure cleaning service in Brisbane, Australia. Our unique system uses high-pressure water to blast away dirt, dust and grime from your home’s exterior surfaces, leaving them clean and looking new.

We also offer various other services, including gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, window cleaning, roof painting, concrete cleaning and sealing, and graffiti removal.

We also provide excellent service to body corporate and multi-dwelling house clean.

Our team is passionate and dedicated. We will do a fantastic job for you!

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Benefits of House Washing Brisbane

There are many benefits to getting the exterior of your house cleaned by a professional service such as Presha Cleaning. These include:

Improve Your House Curb Appeal

Whether or not you are looking to sell your Brisbane home, or you just want to give it a facelift that improves its street appeal, a house washing in Brisbane can help. This allows you to achieve that fresh, clean look that your home deserves without extensive and expensive renovation work.

A pressure washing service in Brisbane is an affordable way to improve the appeal of your home every day!

Protect Your Home from the Elements

Protect the surfaces of your home from deteriorating due to the effects of the weather.

Regular pressure washing in Brisbane helps remove harmful elements such as mould and other germs that can affect your home or building’s surface.

Extend the Life of Your Paint Work

Over time, dirt and other materials can build up on the paint’s surface, causing it to fade and peel. Pressure washing a house in Brisbane can help prevent this from occurring. This can help protect your property’s paintwork in the long run – and save you money on replacing it.

Keep Your Family Safe

Your family’s health is a top priority. Washing the exterior surfaces of your house in Brisbane can help remove mould and other bacteria, which can cause respiratory illnesses and other hazards.

With our Brisbane house washing service, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything to help your family stay healthy.

Save Time and Save Money

A house washing service in Brisbane is a one-stop solution that saves you time and energy. Instead of spending hours cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces by yourself, let a professional do the job for you!

Pressure cleaning in Brisbane is a cost-effective alternative to other home improvement solutions such as repainting and re-roofing.

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Why Hire a Professional Service to Wash your House?

It is possible to wash your house yourself. You can blast away dirt and grime at home with your high-pressure hose. But do you have the proper technique or equipment?

Without the proper training and specialised equipment that a professional service has access to, you may do more harm than good to your home’s exterior. Instead of risking damage to your property (possibly your most valuable asset), save time, money and effort by working with a professional house washing service in Brisbane, such as Presha Cleaning.

External House Cleaning Brisbane Before And After

Without proper equipment, you are also more likely to consume a lot more water and a lot more time to pressure clean your home.

House Steps Pressure Cleaning Before And After

Our friendly and professional crew will wash your home’s exterior safely and professionally, using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and techniques. We will ensure that your home looks clean and beautiful every day! In most cases, the exterior appearance will look so good that it is often mistaken for brand new paint work – for a fraction of the price of an actual paint job

Your house is a valuable asset; treat it like a worthwhile investment with expert pressure cleaners from a professional company.

Our House Washing Sevices Brisbane

We have been among Brisbane’s best house washing services for over ten years. We have continued to do a fantastic job in the river city and its surrounding areas. Because of our efficient service, many house owners in Brisbane rely on us to maintain their home or business’s exterior.

Our house washing service in Brisbane includes:

External House Washing

As the name suggests, our team at Presha Cleaning specialises in external house washing Brisbane.

Washing the exterior of your home or office doesn’t just make it look better; it will improve the performance of your building. Many building owners choose external house cleaning because it is an affordable and efficient way to keep their property.

For those thinking of selling, a clean exterior can create that wow factor. After all, people do judge books by their cover.

Aggregate Driveay Cleaning Brisbane Before And After

High-Pressure Cleaning

There are a few things we can’t handle, but high-pressure cleaning is not one of them. We are fully equipped to do high-pressure cleaning jobs in Brisbane.

This involves using high-pressure water jets to blast away dirt. Dirt and debris will dislodge and wash away, leaving the surface of your property clean and shiny.

Soft Pressure Cleaning

Not all dirt is scrubby and goopy – that’s why we offer soft pressure cleaning in Brisbane for our clients. This is the perfect solution if dealing with rust stains or mildew from algae growth.

We will leave your home and property clean and sparkling! Our cleaning services use low-pressure solutions to clean the surface gently and delicately. Soft washing is safe for residential and commercial property – even roofs and other sensitive surfaces.

Roof Cleaning

Debris from trees and birds can build up on the surface of the roof of your house, leaving it ugly and unattractive. Roof cleaning in Brisbane removes this dirt build-up and allows you to enjoy a nice, clean shelter that you can enjoy looking at it every day.

Our Brisbane roof cleaning services include removing debris, algae and moss from your roof – and treating your roof’s surface to prevent future damage and growth of algae and moss.

Patio Washing & Sealing

Your patio or deck is a great place to entertain guests and relax in your free time. You want to ensure that your patio looks good all the time and is inviting for guests to enjoy.

But over time, grime and dirt can build up on the surface of your patio, making it look old and dirty.

With our patio sealing and washing services in Brisbane, you can restore the attractiveness of your patio by cleaning it and sealing it to protect it from the elements.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Brisbane Concrete is a popular building material because it’s durable, attractive and requires less maintenance than other materials. But over time, concrete can deteriorate and look old and dirty – until it becomes patchy and uneven with an unattractive finish.

We will clean the concrete surface, restoring its glossy finish and making it look new again. We can seal the concrete to prevent further damage and dirt build-up.

Other house washing services we offer in the gold coast include:

How Our Cleaning Process Works

Our house washing Brisbane process involves:

1. Schedule An Appointment: Go to our website and fill out a form to request a quote or make an appointment with one of our team members. We will get in touch to confirm your appointment time and provide more details on our process.

2. Prepare for the Job: Once your appointment has been confirmed, our team will head over to your house or office to inspect the site and provide a free quote. We will work around your schedule for your convenience.

3. Do the House Wash: Our team will start working once we have received all the required information from you. Our team will typically begin working at 8 am and finish by noon, depending on the size and condition of your property. Our team will clean all of your outdoor surfaces, wash away any built-up dirt, and ensure no grime is left behind. We also have specialised equipment to ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently, such as high-pressure water jets. We will thoroughly clean and wash your house’s interior and exterior walls and the roof, gates, and fences.

4. Check-Out: When we are done, our team will go through your house and ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. We will leave your property clean and sparkling! After the job is complete, our team will provide you with information on how to keep your property clean.

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Why Choose Presha Cleaning for House Washing Brisbane


Presha Cleaning started house washing in Brisbane in 20XX and is still going strong today! We are a family-owned business in the river city with more than ten years of experience. We have worked with hundreds of happy clients throughout Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

Quality Service

We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our house washing services in Brisbane. Our company is committed to our quality services, and we aim to please our clients by offering them some of the best cleaning services Brisbane has to offer. Our team is well-trained to ensure your safety, and our cleaning services are efficient and affordable. We get the job done right the first time, and we take pride in our work.

Competitive Pricing

Our Brisbane house washing prices are reasonable and competitive compared to our competition. We understand that it can be expensive to get your property cleaned and serviced – that’s why we provide a way for you to get it done in a cost-effective way.

Prompt Response

Our team is punctual and respects your time. We will do an excellent job for you on time. We will even clean up afterwards to ensure that there is nothing left behind.

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Our Pressure Cleaning Results

Areas We Cover

Presha Cleaning provides house washing services to Brisbane and its surrounding areas, including Spring Hill, South Brisbane, Petrie Terrace, Kangaroo Point, Fortitude Valley and West End.

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Increase the immediate value of your house by hiring a team of professionals to take care of your cleaning and washing needs. Presha Cleaning provides exceptional house washing services in Brisbane and its surrounding areas. Your home deserves to look clean and bright every day – and with our help, you can make it happen!

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