Eagles Sports Complex Mansfield

The Eagles Sports Complex is located in Mansfield, Brisbane which is situated between Weedon Street W and Mount Gravatt Capalaba Road, just a couple of miles away from Mansfield State High School Sports Centre. It has indoor and outdoor sports facilities including three outdoor lit fields – perfect for football and soccer players who wish to stay and train after the sun sets, or if there’s simply a game scheduled in the evening. There are also two indoor sprung courts for games like volleyball and netball or other sports such as taekwondo, muay thai boxing, wheelchair rugby, and roller derby leagues. If spectators and players crave drinks and other beverages, there’s also a cafe available on site. There’s also a designated area for functions and events for schools, groups, or companies. A vintage car show was even held within the complex back in 2017. Other amenities like player change rooms, storage rooms, multipurpose rooms, viewing windows and decks, and even deck extensions were recently upgraded for a better experience and accommodation. The complex is near Bulimba Creek which runs through other attractions that people can visit like Caterson Park, Broadwater Park, Evilcorp Haunted Attractions, Yandina Picnic Ground, TAFE Queensland Mount Gravatt, and the Pacific Golf Club.

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For players or groups looking to hire the Eagles Sports Complex’s courts and fields, keep in mind that there are certain schedules and rates that must be followed. When you’re looking at different courts to rent, you also need to make sure that both indoor courts and external fields are open for your scheduled game time and you have the right time to play. It’s a good idea to inquire first before visiting because there are several conditions that you must know when hiring the complex’s facilities. For example, for courts indoors, players who want to play hockey and futsal require hiring both indoor courts as opposed to other sports like basketball where players can play using just half the court.

There are several hotels around the area as well so players and spectators would have no problem looking for somewhere to stay should the game last for several days. There are also various restaurants and cafes nearby in case you want something else other than the food and beverages offered within the venue. If the game you’re spectating’s done outdoors, take the weather into consideration and make sure that you are properly geared up. When watching the game during summer, see to it that you’re properly protected against the sun. Wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. If you are going to be outside for long periods of time, take breaks to get in the shade. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water throughout the game. It can be difficult to find water in stadiums, especially when you are sitting in the bleachers or on the field. If you are playing in an indoor stadium, you should be able to purchase bottled water, but if you are playing outdoors, you will need to carry a bottle of water with you.

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Embedded Driving Directions from Eagles Sports Complex to TAFE Queensland Mount Gravatt

Written Driving Directions from Eagles Sports Complex to TAFE Queensland Mount Gravatt

9 min (4.6 km) via Broadwater Rd and State Route 41

Start: Eagles Sports Complex

109 Weedon St W, Mansfield QLD 4122

Head south on Weedon St W

160 m

Continue straight to stay on Weedon St W

28 m

Turn right onto Metroad 2

600 m

Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Broadwater Rd

1.9 km

Turn right onto Newnham Rd/State Route 41

Continue to follow State Route 41

1.9 km

End: TAFE Queensland Mount Gravatt

1030 Cavendish Rd, Mount Gravatt QLD 4122

Embedded Driving Directions from Presha Cleaning to Eagles Sports Complex

Written Driving Directions from Presha Cleaning to Eagles Sports Complex

17 min (14.4 km) via M3 and Metroad 2

Start: Presha Cleaning

151 Annerley Rd Yeronga QLD 4102

Head north on Annerley Rd/State Route 10 towards Nelson St

Continue on Park Rd to Ipswich Rd

2 min(1.1 km)

Turn right onto Park Rd

700 m

Turn left onto Morrissey St

280 m

Turn right onto Reis St

79 m

Turn left onto Ipswich Rd

2 min(700 m)

Get on Pacific Mwy/M3 in Greenslopes

3 min(1.2 km)

Turn left onto Cornwall St

500 m

Turn right onto Marquis St

280 m

Use the left 2 lanes to merge onto Pacific Mwy/M3 via the slip road to Logan/Gold Coast

450 m

Continue on Pacific Mwy/M3 to Upper Mount Gravatt

6 min(7.0 km)

Merge onto Pacific Mwy/M3

5.2 km

Use the left lane to take exit 11 for State Rte 36/Klumpp Rd/Mains Rd towards Metroad 2

450 m

Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Klumpp Rd

250 m

Turn left onto Klumpp Rd

1.1 km

Continue straight onto Dawson Rd

3 min(1.2 km)

Follow Metroad 2 to Weedon St W in MacKenzie

4 min(2.9 km)

Turn left onto Metroad 2

2.8 km

Turn left towards Weedon St W

96 m

Slight left onto Weedon St W

16 s(100 m)

End: Eagles Sports Complex

109 Weedon St W, Mansfield QLD 4122