CRANK Indoor Climbing Queensland

Looking for thrilling activities that you can do without having to be under the scorching sun? Why not go indoor climbing? Adventure-seeking kids and adults would surely love it, especially if they love heights! May it be your way to get in shape, searching for adrenaline rush activities, or just a simply a new-found interest, indoor rock climbing is definitely a must-try.

If you’re residing on, or planning to visit, Queensland any time soon, CRANK Indoor Climbing in Brisbane’s southside suburb of Macgregor should definitely be added to your list. Indoor rock climbing is a fun and safe way to climb new heights without the need to tread through cliffs and mountains. The facility’s walls are made from a combination of wood, steel, glass and rubber, and they are designed to simulate the conditions outdoors. And as with any sport, safety is a top priority when choosing an indoor climbing facility. You want to make sure that the facility is well-maintained, that the equipment is in good working order, and that there are enough staff members on hand to keep an eye on everything – CRANK Indoor Climbing ticks all these boxes. What’s more, it’s just a few minutes away from other popular places like the Nissan Arena, Garden City, BOUNCEinc Tingalpa, Griffith University, and Westfield Garden City, to name a few.

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Crank Indoor Rock Climbing offers various activities like bouldering, parkour, ninja warrior, and rock climbing. Now, unless there are more than 10 people in your group, you can walk in anytime, inquire, and go climbing on the same day. And if you have kids in the group, keep in mind that the recommended age for rock climbing is above 4 years of age. For adults, health and weight is the only limit for rock climbing (considering the design and structure of each section). Indoor climbing is a great way to get fit, challenge yourself, and have fun. If you’re a beginner, you can always start with a few basic wall exercises. Once you get used to it, you can move on to more challenging routes. And if you’re an experienced climber, you can even challenge yourself with different routes. If climbing won’t cut it, you can also venture into other activities they offer. If you want to improve or enhance your flexibility, you can go with yoga. Tired of normal gym routines? Spice it up with circuit classes. And if you want to increase your strength and balance, there’s Ninja training there as well. 

Although they have specific schedules to follow, you can easily check it out online or inquire by contacting them via phone or email prior to visiting. And if you live around the area, they have a gym and fitness area for members so you can take advantage of that too. If you’re planning to walk in, they are usually opened daily, even on public holidays. Their trading hours change sometimes though so you’ll have to visit their site or social media page to get the updated hours.

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Embedded Driving Directions from CRANK Indoor Climbing to BOUNCEinc Tingalpa

Written Driving Directions from CRANK Indoor Climbing to BOUNCEinc Tingalpa

18 min (14.6 km) via Metroad 2 and M1

Start: CRANK Indoor Climbing

537 Kessels Rd, Macgregor QLD 4109

Head north towards Metroad 2

57 s(110 m)

Continue on Metroad 2. Take M1 to Graystone St in Tingalpa

16 min(14.3 km)

Turn left onto Metroad 2

12 m

Use the left lane to take the Mains Rd/State Rte 36 slip road to City

250 m

Sharp right onto the ramp to Metroad 2

220 m

Keep right to continue towards Metroad 2

58 m

Keep right and merge onto Metroad 2

5.3 km

Turn left

1.0 km

Merge onto M1

7.0 km

Use the left lane to take exit 100 for State Rte 23/Wynnum Rd

400 m

Use the left lane to turn left onto Wynnum Rd/State Route 23 (signs for State Rte 23/City)

140 m

Continue on Graystone St. Drive to Enterprise Pl

45 s(180 m)

Turn left onto Graystone St

110 m

Turn right onto Enterprise Pl

73 m

End: BOUNCEinc Tingalpa

40 Enterprise Pl, Tingalpa QLD 4173

Embedded Driving Directions from Presha Cleaning to CRANK Indoor Climbing

Written Driving Directions from Presha Cleaning to CRANK Indoor Climbing

16 min (12.4 km) via M3

Start: Presha Cleaning

151 Annerley Rd Yeronga QLD 4102

Get on Pacific Mwy/M3 in Woolloongabba from Annerley Rd/State Route 10

6 min(2.4 km)

Head north on Annerley Rd/State Route 10 towards Nelson St

1.0 km

Use the middle lane to turn right at Clarence Corner, Woolloongabba onto Stanley St

110 m

Turn left onto Allen St

230 m

Use the right lane to turn right onto Vulture St/State Route 41

200 m

Use the right 2 lanes to turn right at the 1st cross street onto Leopard St

220 m

Use the left 2 lanes to merge onto Pacific Mwy/M3 via the slip road to Logan/Gold Coast

550 m

Follow Pacific Mwy/M3 to Mains Rd/State Route 36 in Upper Mount Gravatt. Take exit 11 from Pacific Mwy/M3

6 min(7.8 km)

Merge onto Pacific Mwy/M3

7.3 km

Use the left lane to take exit 11 for State Rte 36/Klumpp Rd/Mains Rd towards Metroad 2

500 m

Continue on Mains Rd/State Route 36 to your destination in Macgregor

5 min(2.2 km)

Continue straight onto Mains Rd/State Route 36

400 m

Turn left onto Laver St

210 m

Turn right onto Worrell St

700 m

Continue onto Bedser St

230 m

Turn left onto Grout St

120 m

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Metroad 2

400 m

Turn left

110 m

End: CRANK Indoor Climbing

537 Kessels Rd, Macgregor QLD 4109